Umbra Tumbler - Sunlit Cream
Umbra Tumbler - Sunlit Cream

Oxum NYC

Umbra Tumbler - Sunlit Cream

Oxum NYC is a Ceramic Home Accessories brand based in Brooklyn, New York. Oxum pronounced [o'shum] is symbolic of womanhood, femininity, motherhood,..., qualities that are intrinsically associated with our label.
Inspired by the age-old tradition of coming together at the dinner table, the OXUM NYC line of ceramics is designed to be shared with your family during your daily rituals. 

The OXUM NYC tumbler is perfect for wine, spirits, and those fancy on-the-rock drinks. Check out its cool features: a signature seam, and a thumb dimple, which is perfect for a comfy hold. Its matte exterior adds a touch of earthiness while the interior has a glossy glaze.  Irregularities in size, color, and texture are all part of the artisan's touch. Each piece is unique and will vary slightly in color and size. It's sold individually, and it holds 8oz.

Materials: Porcelain 

Size: 3" L x 3" W