Elizabeth Garvin

Elizabeth Garvin is an artist working in the medium of jewelry. It’s the  perfect form to express her interest in natural sciences, geology and  metallurgy, and to balance these components within strong, feminine, wearable objects. Working each day with the most beautiful of natural  elements, her designs are inspired by natural geometry and rendered  with a distinctly modernist sensibility. The imagery is powerful, often  provocative yet intrinsically familiar. As a woman designing for women,  Garvin knows what a woman responds to, what feels right, and what  jewelry really means to her. A self taught jeweler, her years in the studio, guided by an innate technical curiosity, evolved proprietary processes which imbue each piece with a bold, signature style. Her approach to structure and mechanics has an elegant fluidity, instilled and nurtured  by her father, an architect and engineer. The studio of Elizabeth Garvin is run like a small atelier of artisans, combining the oldest traditions of  jewelry making, the newest technologies, new ideas, and unique skills at  each bench, every day.

Elizabeth Garvin graduated with honors from New York University with additional studies at Massachusetts College of Art and Parsons School  of Design. Through studies of dance, music, painting, sculpture, film and photography, her approach to metalsmithing draws from a wide range of  thought and imagery, process and vision. From the gestural to the highly technical, a world of ideas finds harmony and balance in her works.