Kintsugi Candle - Sampaguita
Kintsugi Candle - Sampaguita
Kintsugi Candle - Sampaguita


Kintsugi Candle - Sampaguita

Sampaguita, also known as Arabian Jasmine, is the native flower of the Philippines, the home country of Milamore's Founder, George Root. A delicate scent with notes of sweet jasmine, this candle exudes a fresh, light, floral scent sure to uplift you and your space. 

The fragrance is housed in a handmade Kintsugi-inspired porcelain jar that can later be repurposed as a stylish storage solution.

All of Milamore's candles are hand-poured in small batches in California. 

The Kintsugi Collection is inspired by the ancient Japanese tradition of repairing broken ceramics with gold and lacquer. Our 18kt recycled gold jewelry embodies the concept of kintsugi, a metaphor for the human experience of finding beauty in imperfection and strength in adversity. The collection celebrates this philosophy, reminding us that we can mend and transform ourselves into something even more beautiful. By wearing these 18kt recycled gold pieces, you showcase your own resilience and elegance.

Size: 4"H X 3" 

Materials: Proprietary blend containing a mixture of paraffin, soy, coconut and palm.

Burn time: 70 Hours

Expected Ship Date:   7 - 14 Days