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Global Africa Project

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Artists and designers of African ancestry-many in Africa but also others throughout Europe, the Americas, and the Far East- are working in a wide array of mediums: fashion, architecture, non-traditional crafts, design, fine art, and photography. The authors together with six contributors, challenge presumptions of what constitutes an "African" style or aesthetic, and demonstrate the power and expressive potential of materials, textures, and forms. The result is an enormously diverse display of young and established talent (Yinka Shonibare, MBE, David Adjaye), and a wide-ranging survey of contemporary African art and design.

Author:            Lowery Stokes Sims 
                        & Leslie King Hammond
ISBN:               9783791350844
Published:        2010
Pages:             224
Material:          hardcover
Size:               10"x  8" x 1"
Item:                479264

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