Loren Nicole

Loren Nicole Making Granulation Earrings from Loren Teetelli on Vimeo.

The archaeologist turned goldsmith, Loren Nicole.

Since childhood, Loren's innate curiosity led her to study art as a means for understanding materials.  After earning her degrees in Art History and Anthropology, Loren landed in New York and worked as a conservator in the Anthropology department of the American Museum of Natural History, and later at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

While in New York, Loren began taking courses in ancient metalsmithing. While Loren never underwent a formal jewelers training, she was fortunate to work with many masters of highly specialized techniques, not widely practiced today. 

Loren now works in 22k yellow gold, her jewelry highlighting ancient techniques and aesthetics, drawing inspiration from the art and mythologies of antiquity. She launched her company, In 2012, Loren launched Loren Nicole, and in a few short years, she has received significant media attention, being recognized for craftsmanship and her unique expression of an ancient aesthetic. Loren was awarded the 2020 Town and Country Jewelry Award for the Future of the industry.

Always in pursuit of learning, Loren continues to study with masters around the world, researching ancient techniques, continuing to tell stories of the past in modern ways.

Click here to watch our RE:FINE Virtual Studio visit with Loren Nicole.

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