Catherine Canino

Catherine Canino will tell you she has been designing jewelry since her first pasta and yarn necklace at a kitchen table in Connecticut, 1972. Yes, that was the start of everything.

Today, after working in a gritty jewelry factory and some industry design gigs, Catherine is proud to say that she has been designing and creating her own handmade jewelry line

with a team of artisan craftspeople in the heart of NYC’s jewelry district.  Catherine believes in the vitality of New York City, and so do we.

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about Catherine’s jewelry.


Are these pearls real?  Catherine’s signature “Pebble pearls” are a handcrafted composite:  mother of pearl shell is crushed, formed into the pebble shape, then lacquered and polished 18 times to draw out the shell’s luster and hue.

What type of metal is used?  

Catherine works in 3 hand finished metals:

  • Classic,polished14k gold over brass
  • Warm, artisanal matte finished18k gold over brass
  • 925 solid sterling silver with high polish finish

(Please note her gold plating is the industry standard of 5mils)

  • Post earrings feature surgical steel posts with hypoallergenic rubber ear stoppers
  • Earwires are crafted of the same metal as the base of the earring.
  • 18k/Polished 14k over brass prices are the same, while sterling prices are typically higher for same styles due to the intrinsic value of 925 sterling.


How do you care for Catherine’s JEWELRY

Catherine is a huge believer in taking care of your jewelry :)

Please do not wear her jewelry in the shower, while swimming, sunbathing, during hot yoga...etc! Also watch perfumes, sprays and lotions. When not wearing, please store in her protective pouch. Metal and stones can scratch and bend. Only use a soft cloth to

Clean - no abrasives.


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