Triangle Vase 4 - Black & Amber
Triangle Vase 4 - Black & Amber


Triangle Vase 4 - Black & Amber

Design: Seguso

The Italian Seguso family is one of the most esteemed, historical and respected glass manufacturing families, originating from the island of Murano, Italy. In 1954, Mario Seguso, a descendant and at the time still living in Italy, was invited to Brazil by Cristais Prado, a renowned glass engraving studio. Mario was enchanted by Brazil and decided to stay to produce glassware following his family’s glass making tradition for the Brazilian market.

He founded a glass art studio in Poços de Caldas and named it Cá d’Oro, which can be translated into golden house. Over the decades, Cá d’Oro had grown exponentially and

in the 1990’s, Mario Seguso passed along the management to his son Adriano. Cá d’Oro is to this day led by Adriano Seguso, and since a couple of years, his sons Rodrigo and Guilherme are involved in the family business as well, carrying on the centuries-old tradition.

The Vase Triangle is an exquisite collection of mouth-blown bicolour glass objects that exude elegance and sophistication. Crafted using the ancient Murano glass technique, which traces its origins back to Egypt and Phoenicia, this triangle vase by Gardeco represents a beautiful fusion of tradition and innovation.

Materials: Glass

Size: L 15 x W 14 x H 20 cm