Artist Spotlight

Here in The Store at MAD we search far and wide to discover artists and designers who have their own unique voices and achieve an excellence in craftsmanship in their work.  Their work is created and produced now, by hand, in artist studios and at jewelers’ benches around the world.   Their work is dynamic and constantly changing, both responsive to our evolving lifestyles, while timeless in the face of the shifting aesthetics of our contemporary lives.  

The artists we will be featuring on our “Artist Spotlight” pages all, in their own special way, offer a refreshing alternative to the mass-produced product found in today’s market.  Their unique creations celebrate the mediums they choose to work in and the transformative processes by which they make objects and jewelry that enhance our everyday lives.

Utilizing traditional methods and pioneering innovations in technique for the execution of their concepts, all preserve the essence of “made by hand.”  Their designs converge into enduring and inspired pieces that reflect the ethos of The Museum of Arts and Design¹s mission to present work at the intersection of arts, craft, and design.

We hope by sharing their stories with you, you will be moved, as we are, to surround yourselves with things fueled by the passions of an artist.