Jill Fairchild

Fairchild Baldwin

“I have always loved Italy – the people; the architecture; the landscape; the food, and, above all, the exquisite craftsmanship.”

Jill Fairchild


Jill grew up and has spent her life in fashion. She is the daughter of publishing legend and W Magazine founder John Fairchild, and today she is the founder and creator of Fairchild Baldwin.

Fairchild Baldwin's designs evoke contemporary luxury, where versatility, rich leathers, multi-functional components, and unsurpassed quality are their signatures.

Each Fairchild Baldwin necklace is carefully handmade from start to finish and takes anywhere from 5 to 7 hours to produce. The exclusive marble treatments result in unique combinations making many of the necklaces one-of-a-kind. Transparent colored beads, opalines, mattes, full colored beads and iridescents round out the assortment. Each necklace has Fairchild Baldwin’s signature luxury leather collars with hand-painted edges and their signature adjustable magnetic closure.

Thursday, December 12 5:30-8:30pm

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