Ana Ferrari is centered who is the ownwer of ANK Jewelry

Ana Ferrari, creative director of the ANK Jewellery, sees jewellery as an artistic space, capable of representing symbologies and physical and spiritual experiences in sculptural pieces.

Her trajectory as an artist begins after her graduation in Business Administration and Fashion Design, when her passion for jewellery emerges and she sees in them the possibility of a permanent creation and decides to embark on a journey through culture, jewellery techniques and contact with those who create by ancestral legacy. In this period, she traveled the five continents looking for gems, metals and unique meanings to make talismans.

On this journey, she passed through India several times, getting to know the gems and the oriental vision in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Nepal. Visited the biggest fairs in Hong Kong and Tucson. Monitored the extraction of gold in Oman. Fell in love with tanzanite in Africa. In Russia she understood the beauty of the union of materials. And she perfected herself in Italy, Austria, Germany and England. In this immersion, she realized that each element used in the aesthetic composition of other cultures has a history, a meaning.

She came to understand beauty in symbology and not only in form. She understood the value of materials designed by nature, and the importance of preserving them.

Since then, ANK Jewellery has understood its mission as an artistic channel, capable of expanding the horizons of its audience, of awakening in others this curiosity and desire for life. Ana brings in her art the responsibility of respectfully translating the ethnic traditions and symbologies of other cultures in the form of artisanal, organic and sustainable jewellery, made of recycled gold and/or Fair Supply Chain - highlighting the value of the singular, of the beauty in the process and of what nature has given us.

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