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Sounding Tonal Sculpture

Harry Bertoia


"He could take the softest breezes across a field…

anchor them in a metal base, 

and the hard metals would move in such a manner

as to replicate the soft wheat field." - Julie Longacre


For the first time, the Harry Bertoia Estate is offering a limited edition reproduction of a circa 1970 magical sounding tonal sculpture.

The original stands with hundreds of other tonals in the Pennsylvania "Sonambient" barn. The reproduction will be available in the Store through the duration of the exhibition.

 Tone: Touch gently to produce a chime-like sound


Material:   Bronze rods silvered to a brass base
Size:         11 3/4" H, 6" x 6" W
                  144 rods contained in a 3" square
Item #:      503951