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Keepsake Box 2

Chris Kamm


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In this modern age, the warmth of polished wood offers relief from the digital, the virtual and the fleeting. Hand made from natural cherry wood, Chris Kamm's keepsake boxes provoke moments of reflection, both humorous and worthy. Each box is decorated with a uniquely expressive quote carved into its exterior from the offbeat genius of Albert Einstein to the wit of Will Rogers. Care of the keepsake box is easy. Avoid direct sunlight and rub in a dab of furniture grade paste wax a few times per year. The interior divider is removable.

Material:  wood
Size:        2.25"h x 8.25"w x 4"dep
Item:        474259 (Dogs in heaven...)
                474258 (Fear less...)
                474254 (Whatever you are...)

Expected Ship Date:   5 - 7 Days