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How to Behave and Why

Munro Leaf


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In a time when all the rules for raising children are continually being redefined, here is a book for bewildered parents from a simpler time when we all agreed on what was right and what was wrong. First published in 1946, Munro Leaf's How To Behave And Why gives touchingly sincere and yet gently funny lessons in Honesty, Fairness, Strength, and Wisdom. Originally intended for the very young, but with meaning for us all, How To Behave and Why is a true classic, charmingly illustrated with childlike drawings, and a timeless message. It is a sure guide for teaching children (and adults) how to behave. 


Published in:    1946
Pages:              48
Material:           Hardcover
Size:                 9"h x 7"w 

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