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Glass Menorah with Stand

Diane Ferland


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In her Classic Glass Menorah, Diane Ferland (Cassandre Glass)reinterprets the ceremonial beauty of the traditional Jewish candleholder giving it a modern sensibility with bright color and an asymmetrical shape. Maintaining the menorah's core function of being a 9-branched candelabrum used during the holiday of Hanukah, it's in the menorah's body that Ferland demonstrates her rich artistic quirkiness. Imbuing the fused glass with an oceanic burst of color– bright sea green, deep coral red, blue, and gold – Diane finishes the surface with a reef-like roughness on one side, and an ice-like smoothness on the other. This large Menorah sits on a thin metal stand. Available in two color schemes: red/green/gold and blue/green/gold.

Material:  Glass
Size:        16"l x 8.5"h

Expected Ship Date:   5 - 7 Days