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Femmage Cap

MAD Museum


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In celebration of Surface/Depth, and the legacy of Miriam Schapiro’s femmages (feminist collage paintings), we present you with this limited-edition, pink-on-pink femmage cap! Rock yours today.

The exhibition highlights the pivotal role Schapiro's work and leadership played in the expansion of the art world to include historically marginalized forms of craft, decoration, and abstract patterning associated with femininity and women’s work.   


Femmage (noun, plural femmages)- 

Any artwork created by women by assembling objects, as by collage, photomontage, etc. 


Origin: Coined by Miriam Schapiro and Melissa Meyer in the 1970s. 


Material: 100% Cotton

Size: adjustable


Expected Ship Date:   5 - 7 Days