Faceted Earring
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Elizabeth Garvin

Faceted Earring

"I love working at the bench. For me, that's where it all happens; materials, eyes, hands and a lifetime of experiences interact in spontaneous ways.”


Elizabeth launched Elizabeth Garvin Design in 1988. Her mission was to make fun, contemporary silver jewelry that she herself, a penniless struggling artist, could buy.  


Three years later her new mantra prevailed, "I want to spend more time on each piece, and more time with each client," said Elizabeth, and her new collection of fine jewelry was launched using blackened silver, 18k gold, 95% pure palladium and rustic diamonds.


“There is nothing like holding a piece in your hands,” says Elizabeth. “Feeling its weight, seeing how it moves, and watching the light flow over its surface textures and gleam through its gems. Try it on; see how the metals and gems glow with your skin, how the stones twinkle back at you from your hand. Fall in love with it.”


Material: 18k, oxidized sterling silver and citrine


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