Drift Earring

Tony Malmed

Drift Earring

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Each piece of Tony Malmed’s jewelry is designed and hand crafted in Santa Fe New Mexico from rare, precious, ethically mined gems of the highest possible quality, set in repurposed gold and silver. Tony traveled through 25 countries by the time he was twenty-seven. He saw the ancient ways in which jewelry was made, and adopted these practices into his own work.  The proportions, the textures, and the exquisite play of colors in his pieces draw from the beauty and mystique of places like India, Afghanistan, Italy, and Japan—and from the understanding that truth is beauty and beauty is truth.


His jewelry has been sold almost exclusively in Santa Fe for over thirty years, and The Store at MAD is honored that he has chosen to share his journey and his jewels with us so we may share them with you. 


The hoops can be worn alone.


Material: 18k gold with 20 full cut white diamonds

Expected Ship Date: 7-14 Days


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