Wilfredo Rosado


Widely regarded as one of the jewelry industry’s true innovators, Wilfredo Rosado has made a career out of pushing boundaries and challenging norms. His interminable creative spirit and passion for design and craft are unequivocally the product of a unique journey that led him through the glamorous worlds of art, music and fashion at a time when anything seemed possible. As a protégé of Andy Warhol and a member of his inner circle, Rosado was immersed in the dynamic downtown street-art and social scene, befriending artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, and forging a bond with urban pop culture that has lasted throughout his life.

He went on to serve as Fashion Director for Warhol’s celebrated Interview magazine, before leaving New York to work for Giorgio Armani in Milan. Over the next two decades, he would gain invaluable experience in fashion and the fine arts, along with a newfound sense of refinement and an obsession for artisanal details. This would also be the starting point for his love affair with jewelry, as Rosado began commissioning and designing pieces for himself. It continued upon his return to New York when Versace tapped him to create an inspired jewelry collaboration with leading artists such as Julian Schnabel and Marc Quinn, in support of the Whitney Museum of American Art.

In 2011, Rosado launched his groundbreaking high jewelry collection during New York Fashion Week. His pioneering designs were a seamless blend of master craftsmanship and modern style that exuded a sexy, yet sophisticated edge. Rave reviews from the press and glittering red carpet moments—thanks to a loyal following of top celebrities from Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Roberts to Rihanna and Mariah Carey—earned him a place alongside the world’s leading jewelry design houses.

Never one to be formulaic, Rosado is continuously dreaming, experimenting and exploring what is possible in jewelry design. With the debut of W. Rosado and two new concepts positioned within the fine jewelry space, he is once again setting out to break the rules. Cleverly reinventing traditional luxury materials with a playful street style twist and combining state-of-the-art finishing techniques with bold graphic motifs, Rosado at once defies convention and changes the conversation, while expanding his brand to new audiences and new possibilities.

Wilfredo Rosado currently resides in New York City where he serves on the Board of the City Parks Foundation and is active in a number of arts and cultural organizations.