Olive Wood Nesting Bowls - Set of 6


Olive Wood Nesting Bowls - Set of 6

These Olive Wood Nesting Bowls are the perfect space for everything from your mise en place to complete culinary creations. These durable beauties are sustainably sourced and hand-carved from a single piece of wood. The best part? They even oil themselves over time. They are also ethically crafted in small batches.

Material:  Oiled Olive Wood

Size: Largest 6" D x 2.5" H, Second Largest 5.5" D x 2" H, Third Largest 4.75" D x 1.75" H, Medium 4" D x 1.5" H, Small 3.25" D x 1" H, Smallest 2.5" D x 0.75" H

Expected Ship Date:   5-7 Days