TAP by Todd Pownell

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Works of jewelry have always been part of our human celebration and re-invention of natural beauty. The jeweler’s art binds us across history to generations who fought and loved at the beginning of our world, and farther, to the earth itself and the stars.

At TAP by Todd Pownell jewelry remembers that a simple adornment can mix the sensual clarity of moonlight with the hard splendor of our planet’s profound mineral veins. As artisans Todd and Debra Pownell perfect these elements and deliver them, home to the sweep and tenderness of the body, like treasure washed onto sand.

Noble metals and gemstones are beautiful not only because of sheen or lustrous color but in their ultimate molecular structure, as examples and reminders of a universal order.  These are qualities which are the guiding lights of craft, and as artists, Todd and Debra echo and honor them in the harmonies of their own works. Todd and Debra hope to evoke mystery, and the fast-changing yet eternal conditions of the natural world – of wind and storm, and sunlight as it spreads sharp and warm through the last minutes before night. Their aim is to distill an ultimate romance and bring it, polished, for us to wear, as an emblem of all that is deep and lovely, translated in metal and stone.

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