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Wood Bowls

Mark Gardner


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Mark Gardner not only uses a wood lathe to turn his bowls, he uses it to turn his bowls twice – a technique that almost no other artist employs. Using salvaged maple blanks from local arborists and saw mills around his studio in Saluda, NC, Mark's first turn comes when the wood is freshly cut – known as green wood – and then again after a 3-4 month drying process, which Mark controls in his home's attic. Mark finishes by painting the outside of each bowl with traditional milk paint, completing a piece that's handmade, heartfelt and utterly impossible for any machine to replicate.


Material:  Ash, cherry
Size:        7-7.5" diameter, 
                2-2.5" depth 
Item:        495893 (White)
                495894 (Sea Green)
                496247 (Marigold)

Expected Ship Date:   5 - 7 Days