Bursera. Candle
Bursera. Candle
Bursera. Candle
Bursera. Candle
Bursera. Candle
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Bursera. Candle

Ï nioi is founded on the principle of creating an immersive scent experience. A remedy for wanderlust in candle form, allowing you to sink into a new frame of mind. The rich tapestry of notes draws upon the familiar and comforting, to the uncommon and even challenging. This unguarded approach to fragrance yields their Ï nioi's scents. 

Each candle is meticulously created by hand using exceptional materials. With a continuous commitment to supporting and utilizing local small businesses, Ï nioi is also committed to creating as little waste as possible, both in their  supply line and final product.


A sun torched tree twists on the horizon.

The limbs decorated with gems of warm resin.

Each holds a sacred heady story.

Notes: Palo Santo, Frankincense, Amber, Galbanum

Material: Sox Wax/ Glass

Size: 3" D X 3.25" H/ Net Weight 7.1OZ 

Burn time: 40-50 Hours

Expected Ship Date:   7 - 14 Days