Julie Lamb


Julie Lamb began making jewelry as soon as her little hands could string beads. By 14 Julie knew she wanted to spend more time in the city and commuted from the Brooklyn neighborhood where she grew up, to attend the High School of Art & Design in Midtown Manhattan.

Fresh out of school Julie started her career designing for jewelry companies - big corporate brands, family owned businesses, as well as start-ups; from fashion jewelry to fine jewelry. Along the way Julie learned about building a process, product development, marketing, merchandising, management and branding.  She travelled the world, trend shopping across Europe, and then translated her visions into product with factories overseas for large scale production.

Leaving that world Julie launched her own Julie Lamb brand 'Stand Out', 'Be Herd', & 'Be Ewe'. The playful messages of ‘Be Ewe’, as well as ‘Made in New York by New Yorkers’ engraved throughout 'City', speak authentically to who Julie is and where she comes from.

Julie’s pieces exude simplicity and craft, with an eye toward merging the traditional skills of master jewelers with new technology.