Jane Adam



Jane Adam makes jewelry that combines artistic integrity, ongoing experimentation and technical innovation with a grounded sense of practical reality, to design and create ranges of jewelry that appeal to women (and men) of all ages. Her original techniques of colouring and forming anodised aluminium jewelry have revolutionized contemporary practice. She finds preciousness in this everyday material, valuing its lightness and durability, and exploring the endless ways in which it can be dyed, formed and textured. She also works in precious metals, enjoying their inherent beauty, their generosity in creating form, their timelessness and emotional power. Her work has a quality that relates to natural forms and to the way they change and grow; it explores female sensuality, both in the nature of the forms themselves and in the way they feel when worn. By becoming part of the wearer’s experience and personal expression, Jane’s jewelry is transformed and completed. 

Her work is included in many major museums and public collections. She was founder member, vice-chair and chair of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery (1997 – 2002), has served as a trustee and co- vice chair of the UK’s Crafts Council (2002 – 2010), and as a trustee of Cockpit Arts (2015 – 2019).