Gilly Langton


Gilly Langton is a designer and maker with a passion for combining mixed materials to create unique one of a kind and batch production pieces of jewelry and small objects. 

With a background in traditional silversmithing and jewelry, Gilly’s approach to making is very much hands on. She manipulates metals through the fabrication of forms, usually architecturally inspired shapes, hand tooling marks upon the metal to create surface and texture. Gilly combines the strength of the metal with the softness of hand dyed elastic, creating jewelry pieces with a unique color palette. 

The use of color creates a joyful quality to each piece. Inspired by her nautical surroundings and engaging daily with the changing hues upon the seascapes and landscapes, each color is a direct response to living and working in the small Highland fishing village of Plockton. Nautical architectural equipment scattered along the harbor, creates a starting point for each piece, using photography, sketchbook and sampling to document, research and develop every new piece of work. The use of elastic became a part of work in 2001, after a desire to incorporate color into a predominately silver jewelry practice. 

Whether creating a collection of work for exhibitions such as Goldsmiths Fair, an exclusive collection commissioned by the British Museum, or supplying jewelry to national and international stockists, Gilly strives to push her practice forward, developing new skills, exploring the use of her chosen materials to create work that is identified as unique, contemporary & experimental.