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Palo Santo Incense

Fredericks and Mae


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Palo Santo Incense by Brooklyn creatives Fredericks and Mae is the perfect summer gift. In addition to it being known for it’s cleansing and healing properties it’s also ideal for keeping away those pesky mosquitos and flying insects. Palo Santo releases sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon.

Burning instructions: use a match to ignite your stick of Palo Santo allowing it to burn for about 30 seconds to a minute and then blow out.  Move about your space waving your Palo Santo, and when finished place the stick in a fire proof bowl. The glow will end on its own unless you blow on the ember that will keep the smoke going.  Always use caution and respect when working with fire.


Material:      Palo Santo wood
Size:             5" x 2.5"
Item:             509162

Expected ship date:    5-7 Days