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Abanico Bookend

Seth Rolland


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Carved from a single piece of Ash, Seth Rolland's Abanico Bookend creates images of grace, drama, and even mathematical fluidity, producing an effect much like the clever prestige of a magic trick. Folded and unhinged, the wooden creation is plain and unassuming. But stretch apart each end like an accordion, and fasten the peg at the corner to reveal the subtle genius of Seth Rolland's design. Each slice of wood is spread open with the dramatic grace of a peacock's tail, and spaced from end to end along parallel lines, curved to the beauty of an arch. Made from an FSC certified, sustainably harvested wood and coated with a completely non-toxic oil based finish. 

Sold individually $158, pair of bookends $316.

Material:  wood - harvested Ash
Size:        11"h x 11"w x 2"dep

Expected Ship Date:   5 - 7 Days