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Gratitude Bracelet

Ana Swarup


“Growing up,” Ana Swarup says, “I visited my grandmother for the holidays and watched as all the women in my family pulled out their jewelry, and planned what they would redesign or if something had to be restored. It was a careful process of keeping the integrity of these heirlooms intact, yet making it so they could wear it and not have it just sit in the jewelry box.” Today, with that same thought in mind, Ana, together with her mother, also a jeweler, has created 925 SUNEERA, a collection of sterling silver jewelry, accented with 18k gold and champagne and black that can be enjoyed every day.  The collection highlights the textures and finishes that only a jeweler who loves to work in silver can achieve.


(Custom Phrases and expressions can be special ordered.)


Material: Sterling silver with champagne diamonds


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