Ezgi Okur

Ezgi Okur is a Turkish contemporary jewelry artist working in a wide range of materials, most prominently silver, brass, steel, sequins, epoxy, acrylic and acrylic paint, glass, and acetate. She finds inspiration in a variety of sources, including architectural structures and details. At times, the texture, color, or shape of a material sparks an idea; at others, she chooses the material that best expresses the idea. Okur thrives on the process of creation—the materials she’s discovered, the techniques she has learned or repeated, the results drawn from the mistakes she has made—rather than the reception of the final result. While acknowledging the harmony of form and color present in works that garner wide appreciation, she is drawn to the strong identities contained in those works that do not appeal to all tastes. These, she says, “carry the spirit of the artist, and are open to interpretation by other eyes that see it, other fingers that touch it.”