Claire Underwood

Claire Underwood is a London-based jeweler and silversmith. Her childhood was spent between the United Kingdom, where she was born, and Africa, which had a profound influence on her work. She is fascinated by detail and passionate about color. Her interest in jewelry was sparked by the adornment and colorful beadwork of the Maasai people in Kenya. She has lived in Moscow, Washington, DC, New Delhi, and Bangkok, and these places have all provided unique inspiration for her work. Her designs evolve with each new country, as she strives to translate the rich textures and colors collected on her travels into jewelry, embellished with bright enamel, colorful glass beads, and precious gemstones. Bright color has become her trademark; she hopes to convey a sense of joy with her designs. She works by hand, in silver and 18-karat gold, and favors clean, elegant forms accentuated with moments of rich color, pattern, and texture.