KINGFISHER PERSIAN Studio Edition- 2022
KINGFISHER PERSIAN Studio Edition- 2022


KINGFISHER PERSIAN Studio Edition- 2022

Color and energy are the epicenter of Dale Chihuly’s body of work known as the Persians. These spiraling and fluctuating glass sculptures formed using the most elemental of tools—gravity, breath, and heat—capture Chihuly’s quintessential fascination with color and the medium’s transmission of light. “The elasticity of each form manifests glass’s real character as a frozen liquid, as molecules held in suspension,” observes art historian Robert Hobbs. This elasticity is enhanced by swirling, ambient color along the characteristic spines of the Persian forms, which adds an illuminating quality.

Composed of two individual forms nestled against each other, the Kingfisher Persian Studio Edition has transparent brandied-amber centers, which provide a luminous juxtaposition against the velvety lapis band that edges each form. A delicate, dark gold body wrap contributes to the dimensionality of the sculpture, while its golden yellow lip wrap draws together the dialogue of color and form.

Material: Glass

Edition size: 175

Release Date: 4/2022

Approx dimensions:  6½"H x 11"W x 6"D


Expected Ship Date:  7-14 Days. 

Tax information:  Purchases of Chihuly Limited Edition Glass going to Hawaii, Louisiana, Washington, Tennessee, and California will be charged the respective states tax. Please contact Branden Wuensch at to purchase your Chihuly Studio Edition Glass if you are shipping to any of the states listed.