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Forbidden Fruit



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American artist Chris Antemann has constructed her own garden of paradise in Forbidden Fruit, the largest project she has so far undertaken in collaboration with MEISSEN, Europe's oldest porcelain manufactory. Spanning two years, this project developed into a contemporary twist on a period room built around a celebration of the 18th century banqueting craze. For a time a banquet was not simply a dinner, but also a necessary social construct abundant with rare delicacies, thematic sugared centerpieces, powdered wigs above painted faces and, of course, porcelain. Employing her signature wit, Antemann's new narrative is told through her on-of-a-kind porcelain figures in a setting that quotes the curvature of historic ornamentation and delicately painted details from the Baroque heyday of banquets and decadence. 


Forward:          Dr. Christian Kurtzke
Published in:   2016
Pages:              95, includes color photos
Material:           Hardcover
Size:                 10" x 12.75"
Item:                  504912

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