Alberian & Aulde


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Alberian & Aulde was created by two fine artists, Warren Alberian and Mary Aulde, who met at NYC’s Cooper Union School of Art and upon completion of their studies, went their separate ways. 

Some years later, on an extended stay in India, Warren made the acquaintance of a jeweler to royal families. As a consequence, he was given a rare opportunity to view their collections, and among the treasures were a group of wafer-thin rose cut diamonds. Unlike flashier cuts, the rose cut seemed so uncontrived and authentic, inspiring Warren to believe that they could act as a medium for refined sculptural art in the form of jewelry. 

Warren reached out to Mary, who was living in Europe at the time, to join him in his creative endeavor. When starting out, months would be spent in India searching the gem cutting centre of Jaipur and Surat to procure gemstones, especially diamond rose cuts.  

Once back in their studio in NYC, the team realized that they could develop methods to work with the rose cuts to control their effect incorporated into jewelry. Innovation would come in different forms over time and through exploration.   Combining gems in unconventional ways has led to fascinating results where overlapping rose cuts have a mysterious aura.

Together, they have developed an aesthetic which infuses gemstones within settings, contoured explicitly to the human form so that the jewelry melds seamlessly with the wearer. Understatement reigns, as does innovation, versatility, and comfort. Each design is meticulously scaled and proportioned, many in a range of sizes to insure a perfect fit. All of their work draws the eye to the real focal point, the woman who wears it.

Warren and Mary provide clients with opportunities to intermix and layer jewelry, awakening one’s inner creativity. This vision creates works of art which do not rely on convention to be classic.

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