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agas & tamar



Einat Agassi and Tamar Harel-Klein are the jewelers behind the "Agas and Tamar" Studio for Jewelry and Design in Tel Aviv, Israel. The two designers make use of raw materials like gold and silver to design a clean, unpretentious line of jewelry with a deep connection to its origins. Each piece of jewelry undergoes a painstaking creation process in which every minute detail is scrutinized - from design, to the choice of raw materials to the final crafting. 

 Einat and Tamar believe that their unique design methods are the source of their collections' distinctiveness. 
 "Our entire design process is accompanied by a search for new, innovative and intriguing ways to combine raw materials and an attempt to express the beautiful simplicity found in the day-to-day experiences, tasks and objects around us."
 Agas and Tamar's jewelry is hand-made, using silver to 24 Karat gold. Their collection includes pieces which blend precious and semi-precious stones with coins and antique gems. They employ a wide variety of special techniques to shape and form the pieces. Their range of jewelry represents an exclusive style that showcases the creative nature of Agas and Tamar's collection.
 The collection includes jewelry for both men and women.
Please call for more information and visit us in The Store at MAD to see a full array of necklaces and earrings in addition to the rings.



Silver Round Ring w/ Aqua                  Silver Square Ring w/ Coral                 Silver & 24K gold w/ Sapphire

Silver & 18K gold Vase Ring w/ Ruby   Silver & 14K gold w/ Rutilated Quartz  Silver & 14K gold w/ Pink Sapphire

Silver & 14K gold Ring w/ Sapphire      Silver & 24K gold Merav w/ Sapphire   Silver Narrow Rectangle w/ Aqua