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Mirage Necklace



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OROPOPO is the innovative leather jewelry collection designed and produced by husband and wife duo Karole Mazeika and Grady Jaynes their Albuquerque, New Mexico, studio. Drawing from the mythologies and iconographies of the American West, their work combines the leading-edge technology of laser cutting with one of the oldest materials—leather.


Laser-cutting leather is a notoriously difficult process that requires an artisan’s approach to controlling the design and the technology. All of Mazeika and Jaynes’ work is hand-finished and hand-assembled, enabling them to produce unique and intricate designs that can be found nowhere else. By combining timeless materials with new techniques, their practice bridges the past and the present. 


Material: wood, leather cord, copper ends, sliding tube

Size: 4 1/2" W by 3 1/2" L

Style: Silver 515928

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